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This is a piece that began growing in my mind as I drove home from Lancaster during the day on New Year’s Eve after I had spent a nice holiday vacation with my family.  On the way back to Philly on Route 23 I drove past a large open, empty field with two scarecrows hung on sticks blowing in the chilly December wind.  By the time I arrived home, most of this poem had constructed itself in my head.  Hope you enjoy!




An enraptured moon of pumpkin-harvest orange,

gently caressed the fields with a soothing lunar flow,

early winter now picked clean by sleeping farmers

and a flock of overly fat, but sassy crows.


Upon the stroke of midnight, lonely clouds shall dance

as a glittering chorus of stars sing in perfect harmony.

It’s time for anxious lovers to cast a wistful glance

and let their deep desires sail upon romantic seas.


He hung forlornly upon a cross of wooden sticks,

this man of yellow straw and tattered clothes.

Waiting patiently all year, he stared through eyes transfixed

at a lonely figure clad in a torn dress of faded primrose.


She stared with urgent longing at this man within her dreams,

a long and lonely year gone by without feeling his tender touch.

The tingling rush of fingertips like soft and velvet moonbeams,

or the whispering caress of lips she sorely missed so much.


At midnight, stardust rained down from an amber-painted sky,

glowing brightly in a breathtaking display of sparkling tears.

Two rekindled heartbeats sharing a note of grateful sighs,

their eyes alive to dance on yet another New Year’s ~~~ Eve.


Frayed shirt, ragged pants and straw hat now replaced

with a tuxedo of brilliant black and satin lapels.

Moving quickly across the field he held her slender waist,

to welcome her inviting lips to his, entranced within her spell.


Lush auburn hair cascaded softly down around her breasts,

the blue silk of her gown whispering a quiet ~~~  “I love you.”

Dancing to the waltz of scarecrows, he held her to his chest

within a tight embrace, praying this night would but continue.


Just one sweet waltz this evening was all they were allowed to dance.

With the music sadly fading, they slowly returned to their places.

But right before their eyes went shut, they cast a tearful glance

to see their loving smiles still etched upon their faces.


© Kerry L. Marzock



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This was an article/interview with myself and Roy Keeler, thanks Roy, awesome job.

One On One With Philadelphia Novelist Kerry L. Marzock

Monday, September 28, 2009

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Raven's WayBy Roy Keeler, Pottstown Herald Staff Reporter

I had the pleasure to break bread with and interview author Kerry L. Marzock recently.  Kerry is a novelist in the horror genre and poet extraordinaire.  We sat down to talk about where she has been, where she is headed and all things in between.

Kerry’s second novel, Raven’s Rage, Order of the Claw is due to be released on or around October 13th.  This is the sequel to Raven’s Way and prequel to Raven Unleashed.  The trilogy takes place in Philadelphia and the surrounding Delaware Valley in familiar places like Valley Forge Park, Eastern State Penitentiary and the Wissahickon Valley.  You can read the series in order or you can read the books individually.  Each novel stands alone but there are recurring characters who have “survived” the previous tales.

What can you expect from a Kerry L. Marzock novel?  Crisp dialogue, strong characters, great action and romance (but don’t expect Jane Austin, think Rocky Horror).  Her writing contains all the key elements of a great story which will hold your interest from the first page until the last.

Kerry’s first novel, Raven’s Way, was published in 2006 after 6 months of writing and 3-4 months of editing.  Her current book, Raven’s Rage, Order of the Claw took far longer to complete and has been her most challenging creative effort to date.  Sheer determination made Kerry stick
with this book until it was completed including several detours and taking an extended break to recapture her muse.

Kerry started out writing poetry.  She joined the Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing family in 2004.  Prior to joining the team at Soul Asylum, Kerry published a book of poetry titled Sea of Emotion under the Publish America label.  As Kerry’s poems became longer, she decided it was time write her first novel.

Pennsylvania born and raised, Kerry started writing stories at the tender age of 5 about Disney characters and super heroes.  A voracious reader, Kerry is a big horror and science fiction fan.  She described herself as a kid who liked to get lost in a good book.  Kerry also has a collection of over one hundred werewolf novels!

Kerry took a long break from writing due to a lack of confidence.  She resumed writing while recuperating from a serious medical condition.  Kerry decided it was time to do the things she always wanted to do!  Writing was at the top of the list.  Bolstered by good feedback from posting her poetry online, Kerry has moved forward and never looked back.  Kerry has been greatly inspired by author Laurell K. Hamilton and particularly her New York Times best selling Anita Blake series.  Anita Blake gave Kerry the push to do the Raven trilogy.

Kerry has several chapters written for Raven Unleashed (book 3).  She also has another book in the works called Scrolls of Sorrow.  Instead of traditional chapters, Scrolls of Sorrow is divided into scrolls.  Each scroll includes a poem.  Kerry is hoping for a summer 2010 release date according to her blog!  She also has an unreleased book of poetry and short stories called Along A Burning Highway.  The poetry is light to dark.  My personal favorite is her dark poetry!  Kerry works full time so all this prolific writing takes place on nights and weekends.

I asked Kerry what her greatest reward has been as an author.  She quickly answered holding a copy of Raven’s Way in her hand.

Kerry is a fascinating person and an incredible writer.  I encourage you to check out her books!

You can learn more about Kerry L. Marzock and order her books from http://www.soulasylumpoetry.com.  Kerry has a blog which you can find at http://www.kmarzock714.wordpress.com


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It’s early, 5:00 am, even though I’ve been awake since 4:00.  Yeah, I know, 4:00???  But it’s the pattern of somebody with crazy sleeping habits.  I got my sleep, it was just that I was so tired when I finally wound down from work last night that I fell asleep as the Phillies started playing a little after 8:00.  JO (who I will refer to in the future as being the one whom I live with) woke me up at 12:30 asking me to turn on the ceiling light so he could fill his medicine bottles.  Instant anger, thunderbolts and lightning, and then finally got back to sleep around 1:30 only to wake up normally around 4:00.  So in theory I got seven hours of sleep which is not bad in the grand scheme of things. 

Just made breakfast (yeah, for JO, too).  I had eggs, sausage, and milk.  JO had eggs, oatmeal (which I really don’t like), milk, and tea.  So I will be off to work soon.  Yahoo, the powers that be granted overtime, first since I believe the beginning of March possibly.  It has been a long, thin line of paychecks without the OT, but at least we have it open to us until the end of the month which is also the end of our fiscal year.  So obviously those who are ‘poor’ will take advantage of it, though work needs to be done and that’s the story.  Another good thing about the end of the fiscal year is that a new fiscal year starts which means a new budget which means a budget that now has new overtime planned in it.  And with winter coming on, our business part of the year, paychecks should look a little rosier for a time which always makes the cheeks rosier as well.

Not much else happenin’, will probably write some this afternoon as college football plays on the tube.  Played a college and pro pool for this weekend, would be nice to win.  Maybe my luck in the prize selections at work this week for United Way will carry over for me into football winnings this year.  I also noticed when I took Rain outside this morning to perform her early constitutional that somebody…the lawn fairy??…cut our grass.  I believe it was either the landlord’s helper (maybe), or my neighbor (which would’ve been nice).  But, it’s something I don’t have to do which I thought I would do this weekend.  Hopefully I can get a nice long walk in with Rain, I so need the exercise.  My cardiologist called to say the cholesterol was high so I really need to work at getting it down, plus the weight as well.

that’s it folks, those of you who read my ramblings, which I’m sure are not many.  But, hey, it’s the quality that counts.  So I’ll probably work on my fantasy today and see where the adventure takes me.  Would like to see it completed by spring and I think that’s a strong possibility.  Anxious, so damn anxious, to finally get a copy of “Raven’s Rage” in my hands which should be near the middle to end of October.  Ya’ll buy one now, books (especially signed copies) make great gifts at the holidays, especially when the books are great reads like the Raven series.


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Early Thursday morning (past the cusp of midnight) I’m awake.  Actually fell asleep around 8:00 and woke up around 12:00 which I needed.  Had a marguerita to help me nod off and it did.  Who needs Lunesta, just give me  a nice big drinkie poo.  Hah, so now I’m awake, damn double-edged sword.  So Wednesday morning started off bad at home, lost my temper with ‘R’ which happens quite often.  My temper, alas, is just on such a short fuse anymore and it’s hard for me to control.  He is (at least was until joined by somebody else) the only person (mmmm, now there is two) that can trigger it so easily (heavy sigh) and I get angry over letting that happen.  I’m a person who loves to be in control, at least of my emotions so I think, at least I’m probably speaking for most caregivers, in that the bullshit never seems to stop and feeling unappreciated is a very normal and high emotion.  To be honest, I want my life back again and not sure how long that will take.  Crap, so life goes on.

However, the day brightened when I went to work.  I know, I know, work brightened your day?  Well for me it does because it gets me out of the house for 8-10 hours so it’s like escaping hell for a brief moment in heaven.  Yeah, I know, I know, work is heaven?  Well for me it is because I truly love my job, the company I work for, as well as the people I work close with.  Okay, I know, I know, you’re saying I must be crazy.  Well, you don’t get to my point in life with ‘R’ for nearly 34 years and going through what I’ve gone through in days long past without becoming a little crazy (deranged? muahahahahahahaha).  So around 9:15 I headed over to this other building where we have set up our ‘disaster recovery’ possibilities in case anything goes wrong with the company/building and we need to continue operations.  Had to test some things that didn’t quite work from back in June and all went well.  Then back to work and around 2:00 we had our large, United Way finale meeting in the lunchroom.  Where I work is hugely involved in United Way and so the activities cover more than a month, culminated in this meeting.  During that time employees purchase tickets for different reasons and then we have this large, fun-filled drawing for prizes.  Last year I won this huge, stainless steel grill and a few other things so I did pretty well.  I was happy, at least coming from someone who never wins anything other than a horse race now and then.  So I wasn’t holding my breath for this year.  Up to Wednesday afternoon my name had been called for a $50 gift certificate at Starbucks..okay…not bad, we have one in the Roxborough section that I live in.  So names were called, prizes given, small to large with the trips being given out and then it came down to the much prized 40 hours of vacation to be used in 2010.  You have no idea how much I wanted, yearned for, coveted this.  To me it was more than gold, better than any trip or large physical prize.  Oh, before that I won a metal, die cast truck for our company which delivers gas, that was fun, nice little toy.  So the first 40-hr vacation was selected and not my name called so I figured no way, just a disappointment. 

Then the ticket was picked, handed over to Joe in human resources who read the name.  He looked over towards the table where our department was sitting, smiled, and we all figured that it was somebody where we were sitting.  He showed the name to somebody else, came back, looked in my direction, smiled a big grin and said, “Well, this young lady is much deserved and has written 2 books.  I’m happy to announce that the second winner of a 40-hr vacation for 2010 is Kerry Marzock.”  My God, I felt like jumping out of my slacks which would’ve given most of the room a heart attack, so good that didn’t happen.  I was so damn happy and am still happy all these many hours later.  Just to know now that next year I have this extra 40 hours flexibility is like gold to me.

So, I would highly say that over the last two years where I work, giving my fair share to United Way through payroll deductions has most definitely paid off, plus United Way does awesome things for the community.  In fact, we personally (me and ‘R’) will be taking advantage of this because PCA who we hopefully will be getting long-term home health aid received funding through United Way so I’m giving not only to United Way, but to another great cause as well.

So I’m pretty damn happy, but now getting sleepy.  I guess I can get a few more hours of sleep so nite all, good day after all, hope your dreams are happy ones and the good ones come true.


Hugs to all, K*

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So it’s a goofy Saturday, seems my Saturdays have been goofy for awhile now.  Last week I got smashed on my butt (here at home so nobody was hurt but me and my head).  Today I decided to get my hair colored, I was disgusted looking at the gray, but I just had no time over the last two months to do anything for myself.  So I’m happy at least now, no gray, and I feel better.  Went food shopping, came home, made one drink (same as last week which I now have named a Philly Iced Tea – better than the Long Island, but that’s because Philly is tougher).  I felt like drinking more, but didn’t really want to pass out like last week.  But, I just have this strong feeling of melancholy.  Since my friend Sela moved away last Friday I kind of have a huge hole which I’m having difficulty filling up.    But, shit happens I guess and sometimes no matter how much you do for somebody, you still end up getting the short end of the stick.  Guess the moral of that story is…don’t do anything nice for somebody, but then that’s hard for at least me to do because I’m not that way, not a hard-hearted Hanna (or another name). 


I do need to start writing again so hopefully I can wake up in the morning since I went shopping today, put on some coffee and write.  I’ve decided to finish “Scrolls of Sorrow” so I need to get some flow going so that I can just plunge ahead.  I would love to finish it by the end of the year so I can have a few months of editing, then maybe hope for a summer release in 2010.  If that happens, then that would be kewl, 3 novels released in four years.  I do have a book at my publisher, Soul Asylum, that is a combination poetry/short story book which I think is pretty good so I may push to have that published before “Scrolls”.


Okay, Phillies are losing so I might see what’s on SciFi channel, probably fall asleep early though.  Ugh, my life is so exciting .. NOT…night all, K*

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Okay, first time I’m blogging here and this is funny, I had set this up awhile ago I guess and forgot I had it so when I went in to create a blog here, presto, I found out that I already had one. Just another senior moment – duh!! So, it’s early Saturday morning, coffee in hand, my dog Rain is walked, and I’m relaxing. Met my good friend Roy Keeler last night at Bahama Breeze in K of P. Easier place to talk since we were getting together for an interview. Roy works and writes feature articles for the Pottstown Herald, on-line newpaper (which is awesome by the way). Everybody should check it out. So between bites of good food, along with a friend and her daughter (“to make a long story short” – not), we were able to hopefully hash out enough information for the article. My second novel, “Raven’s Rage – Order of the Claw”, should hopefully be released on, or around, October 13th. It is the follow-up to my first novel, “Raven’s Way”, and I AM VERY EXCITED. When I know that the article is up on the paper I’ll will put the link here for anybody who may be interested in reading it.

Well, let’s see what happens today, just allowing the day to come to me. K*

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