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Darn, been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  With the holidays I guess just didn’t have much time.  We had a fire where I work so that kind of put things up in the air as well.  At least nobody got hurt due to the fire and we’ve been able to work at another facility so that was good.  It’ll be many months before we can move back in, just thankfully the company had enough forethought to set up a disaster recovery plan.  Every company should certainly have something like this if they can, what a savior not only for the employees but the company’s survival. 

I’ve been writing some, working on “The Reptilian Factor” and really like how it’s progressing.  I didn’t want to just pidgeon hole myself in the Raven series though I love those books and will continue them.  But it’s good to spread the wings (or claws) and do other projects.  I’m hoping also to have a book of poetry/short stories released this year titled, “Along A Burning Highway”.  It’s basically put together, just need to make sure everything is in it that I want.  Hope to also have “The Reptilian Factor” completed by late spring and possibly publishable well before the end of the year.  I think you’ll love that, it’s very kewl.  And WOW, what a movie it would make.  Step aside Alien (mmmm, where’s Ripley?). 

Look forward to posting something very soon on a wonderful musican and writer friend of mine, Freddy Will.  Wow, what an awesome talent.  I’ll be talking about his book and cd, so stay tuned. 

Tonight I’m listening to the “Hour for your Soul” radio show on www.whistleradio.com , great two hours, ya’ll should listen in each Tuesday night from 9-11:00 EST, great independent authors and musicians.  It’s a great show, hosted by my awesome friend Ken Cowle and publisher. 

Night all, talk again soon, K*


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