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Whew, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything.  No wonder, considering the year I’ve had so far.  Started out okay since I think my last post was in February.  However, March definitely brought in the ‘lions’ and they were snarling.  My husband got sick, ended up in the hospital, came home after nearly two weeks, got quickly sick again and ended up back in the hospital for congestive heart failure as well as near total kidney shutdown.  Oh my, bring on the Excedrin, this was going to be a major headache.  It started a horrifying four month ride with constant trips between the hospital and nursing home.  But the tough old bird that he is he survived near death and finally came home in July.  There has been a few smaller trips to the hospital for infections which happens often with dialysis patients.  So now our lives are wrapped around dialysis three times a week, but he seems to be holding his own now.  It was tough early on, getting used to the treatments and how much they took out of him.  However, I guess he just wanted to keep pestering me **smile**, so he decided to stick around a little longer.  Thanks Rich!!!

Then, work begins to become extremely busy and the last month or so has been constant overtime due to a number of factors all exploding at the same time.  But our team at work is THE BEST and we met all goals for month end, year end, and R2 (rollout two for our new computer system) which begins 10/1.  Heck, finally got a weekend off, it’s like an early Christmas gift.  But next weekend starts it all over again for a little bit.  Great for the paycheck, but exhausting. 

Oh, yeah, forgot about me.  Leg problems, no fun.  On the left shin I had been struggling through for a number of months on my own trying to handle a very sore area.  Finally I gave up and went to the emergency room at the hospital one very emotional Sunday morning.  Seems I have a veinous statis ulcer which is a result of not great blood flow to the legs.  Crap, go figure.  But I’ve been making frequent visits to the wound center at the hospital and it’s been healing slowly.  This particular situation is a very long-term, difficult to cure wound and professional help is the only way to get it under control.  And now it’s suppression hose for the rest of my life….oh goody, goody. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  Coming out of the nursing home one night back in June (thanks Rich) I twisted my right knee….snap, crackle, and pop….and seems there is definite ligament damage.  So my wonderful surgeon who repaired my right shoulder will now repair my damaged knee area on November 17th.  HOLY CRAP, can there be anything else happen?  I’m afraid to even think about it though it’s hard not to.

So maybe I can finally begin salvaging something of a normal life this year, but I doubt it.  Sometimes you just have these years that you want to forget.  At least later this year, hopefully by November, my fourth book will be released, “Along a Burning Highway”.  It will be made up of poetry and short stories.  For sure I know what it’s like to travel along that ‘burning’ highway.  More on the book release as it becomes more clear when it will be.

And, finally, I’ve found a great guy, Paul Sherman, in CA to help design a new web site for me.  All is going well and I’m going to definitely put up another post when it’s completely up and running.  It will be a constantly evolving, very kewl place to just enter and hopefully lose yourself in some interesting writing.  I’m so psyched about it.

Today, what the heck, I’m finally going to pamper myself and get my hair colored.  No damn wonder all this gray has been sprouting out.  I also hope to start writing more and finishing up my next novel, “The Reptilian Factor”.  It’s over half done and I think can be finished definitely before the end of the year and then released early in 2011. 

That’s it!!!  Is that enough??? Do you feel sorry for me?  Nah, don’t, it’s the problems in life that make us tough and my life has definitely toughened me, like old shoe leather (and not my skin, at least not yet).

Thanks for visiting, please come back often.



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