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Surgery on the ‘morrow

Well, the clock is ticking and the nerves are thickening.  Right knee surgery scheduled for 12:30 tomorrow – Wednesday (11/17).  Since I won’t get a chance tomorrow, Happy Anniversary Denise and John.  As for my surgery, the very capable surgeon Dr. Anne Colton will be doing the honors.  She repaired my totally screwed up right shoulder and now will perform her magic on the right knee.  The medial meniscus is torn pretty good and how I’ve managed to keep walking on it now for these many past months I’ll never know.  Not looking forward to the surgery itself since I’m not really fond of hospitals, especially needles, nor am I looking for the post-op pain and rehab.  BUT…no pain, no gain they say so hopefully in a month or so the knee will be feeling so much better (hopefully). 

I guess I’ll be looking at a few weeks off from work so I definitely plan on doing some writing on the next novel.  This year has been such a bust for me in the writing department what with my husband Richard going through major health issues.  But hopefully this disability period will provide the writing time I need to get back on the horse. 

I can’t honestly say that I’ll post tomorrow since I probably won’t return home from the hospital until close to six p.m. and not sure how I’ll be feeling, especially since the first thing I’ll most likely be reaching for is the bottle of pain medicine.  But I will definitely post something on Thursday as to the great event, as well as much more often.  Have a great night and until the ‘morrow, may your dreams be pleasant ones, filled with wolf howls.  Check out the web site:  www.kerrymarzock.com



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