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I met tonight here at my house with Matt Godfrey, photographer/journalist for Philly News/Star newspaper.  We talked for over an hour on my writing and the Raven novels.  Matt is a very warm, engaging young man which made me feel relaxed in the interview process.  He made the comment to me during the interview it was really nice that I was giving him so many quotes, but when I start to talk about writing I generally can’t stop.   I love writing, talking about the craft, listening to others as well, especially if I’m talking about the Raven series which is so dear to my heart.  We also covered my manuscript in the works, “The Reptilian Factor” which I hope to have completed by the end of spring, early summer.  Soooo looking forward to seeing it completed, think it’ll be awesome and make a great alien/monster movie. 

After taking a few pictures Matt left and I really am looking forward to the article which should appear in the Star (local newspaper in Manayunk/Roxborough area) and being able to view it on-line on www.philly.com   As soon as the article is available I’ll post it here for all to see with links to reading on-line as well.

So, will piles of snow all around still be here in the spring?  My yard looks like a disaster area, there are so many broken limbs on the ground from several large trees.  Hate to think what I’ll be doing when the weather breaks.  The last time this happened with in 1996 when we got the blizzard then, along with some severe ice storms.  More snow coming this weekend though I don’t believe it’ll be much to speak of, hopefully.  We’ve had enough large snow storms this year.

Working again this weekend, I’m not sure if this is 3 or 4 straight weekends now.  So busy at work.  Great for the paycheck, but exhausting nonetheless.  Sure doesn’t leave much time for any quality writing either.  Hopefully I can write some this weekend at some point. 



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