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(collaboration between myself and Brian Damon of Black Rose Poets Society)


             Shuffling slowly along the wide sidewalk, one foot sliding precariously (but with purpose) in front of the other, he kept his head pointed down toward the pavement in order to keep his gaze from maliciously lingering too long upon any one particular person.  There was enough time for that to happen later.  It was early evening around eight o’clock and for the most part, he really enjoyed this time of day.  The spastic rush hour of chaotic worker bees had steadily dwindled away as center city heaved a heavy sigh of relief.  Now, anybody strolling or jogging upon these streets and cracked sidewalks were relaxed with minds more open for his evil prodding.  The best time though was between midnight and two a.m., when the jumbled thoughts of others were normally alcohol or drug induced and absolutely putty within his demonic clutches.

             Dressed in faded, dirty, baggy jeans, a stained Villanova Wildcat sweatshirt, and huddling underneath a torn Eskimo parka, his odor alone kept most people away from him.  This caricature of death wore the coat all the time, even amid the oppressive heat of summer. He loved the hood which hung down to hide his glowing red eyes.  Besides, he really had no body temperature to fluctuate one way or the other.  It was an advantage of being dead.  His jet black hair was shaggy-long, hanging out beneath an old Phillies baseball cap while his straggly beard appeared to resemble the hind-end of an upset porcupine.  But this was the way he wanted it to appear, letting other pedestrians avoid what they thought in their societal dysfunction was a low-life, worthless, degenerate, homeless person.   Quickly moving away from this man of nightmares was in no way an obstacle for him to detect fear, confusion, and feelings of deep despair.  These emotions were the sustenance he thrived upon, like a rare and bloody piece of meat he craved to sink his teeth into, the dessert he longed to taste upon his long serpent-like tongue.  Oh my, how he pined for a delicious piece of good Italian rum cake from South Philly. 

             At times there were so many thoughts crashing into his demonic head that it sounded like somebody was playing around with the dial on an old transistor radio anxiously searching for a channel.  However, he knew what to listen for, key words like drugs, hate, disease, theft, rape, deceit.  And, of course, the biggest one of all, numero uno, cream of the crop, pie in the sky…murder.  Presently, that word was what took center stage within his mind, tickling his delighted fancy.  Everything else mattered not.  

             Raising his frightening face and eyes ever so slightly, he knew that dark thoughts of murder and death were rushing towards him.  Allowing those two glowing red orbs to scan both sides of the street, they quickly homed in on a rather tall and trim, extremely beautiful woman with long blonde hair.  Instead of strutting purposefully on high heels to wherever her destination might be, she walked slower as if her thoughts of killing someone interrupted her ability to move with feminine grace and decorum.  His mouth opened slightly to expose two uneven rows of sickly yellow, decaying teeth which he really didn’t need anyway, forked tip of a purplish tongue flicking out like a snake searching the air for potential prey.  The deadly fangs he possessed were within his mind, his evil modus operandi, ready to pounce upon this unsuspecting woman and help her to discover the beauty of death, not only her own, but that of others as well.  For he was the ultimate sinner man, the evil one who could make your worst nightmares become reality. 

              Not glancing in either direction he suddenly stepped onto the street, totally oblivious to the frantic honk of a rattled taxi driver.  Since this nightmare man could not die, he was only concerned with pouncing upon his next victim as she walked slowly towards him, completely unaware how terrifying her life was about to become.

 KM * * * * * 10/17/09


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